Mission Statement.

“To provide quality adult education in the communities we serve”

Vision Statement.

“To be the Campaspe Region’s leading adult educator”

Quality Policy

 Client Satisfaction

CCAE is committed to provide education and training that meets or exceeds the needs of our clients.


CCAE is committed to complying with all terms and conditions of Funding Contracts.  CCAE will comply with all Statutes, Laws and Regulations.


CCAE is committed to training and developing its employees to a standard that meets or exceeds stakeholder expectations.


CCAE is committed to delivering high quality training and education in the communities that it serves.  This includes periodically benchmarking course structures and implementing continuous improvement initiatives.


CCAE is committed to serving the community through providing the highest standards of education and training and delivering this at the lowest possible cost.  All profits are reinvested in improving CCAE’s standards of service and extending the range of courses available.


CCAE is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment where staff and clients feel secure.


The above Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Quality policies, adopted 20/09/2017.