Certificates I (Intro), I, II, III General Education

The certificates provide a range of educational opportunities to assist adults to meet personal needs, increase participation in the community, access further education, training and or employment.

The CGEA is a curriculum framework allowing flexible and customised programs to meet the needs of diverse range of learners.

Did you leave school early, looking at returning to some form of study or just need to improve your literacy, basic math’s and general education skills? Enrolling into our Certificates in General Education for Adults (CGEA) might be just the right pathway for you.

CGEA certificates can be undertaken by those who wish to improve their chances of finding work. The courses develop skills in reading, writing, spoken communication, Information Technology (IT), communication and numeracy.

The CGEA Certificates aim to help students become more job ready and confident to seek out employment and training opportunities. As part of your course, you will have the opportunity to undertake work experience and participate in a community service and other networking projects.

Prior to entry, your skills will be assessed by our experienced teachers. They will provide you with an individually tailored learning program suitable for your needs.

Your pre-training assessment will examine your learning goals so they can be included in your course.

The Certificates that CCAE will deliver are

  • Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Introductory)
  • Certificate I in General Education for Adults
  • Certificate II in General Education for Adults
  • Certificate III in General Education for Adults

Certificate III General Education for Adults is ideal for a range of students whose life experiences have limited their access to education, training and employment.

The CGEA is a competency based curriculum. In competency based training, students develop knowledge, skills and attitudes required to achieve a satisfactory competency standard.

It is ideal for adults who –

  •  Wish to improve their literacy, numeracy and general education skills
  •  Have not completed secondary school
  • Come from language backgrounds other than English.

Successful completion of this course will enable you to study other courses at a higher level such as Accredited Business & Finance, IDMT, Early Childhood, Ageing Support and other courses at CCAE or to pursue VET or Tertiary studies.

Subjects include

  • Literacy units – reading and writing
  • Numeracy units – working with money, shape and design
  • Employability units – working with resumes, job interviews and work experience
  • Life skills options – cooking, woodwork, fashion and textiles

All students will complete a pre-training assessment and interview with the CGEA coordinator before enrolment.

Please refer to the CGEA brochure for further information