Course in Management of Asthma Risks & Emergency in the Workplace


Manage asthma risks and emergencies in the workplace        $45

This unit of competency provides the skills and knowledge to be able to handle asthma emergency situations in the workplace. It provides background knowledge of the causes, symptoms and effects of asthma as well as emergency treatment.

This unit applies to work in a wide range of settings where emergencies involving asthma attacks may occur, such as –

  • childcare
  • education
  • aged and community care
  • sport
  • tourism
  • hospitality
  • industry enterprises and other environments.

Application of this unit relates to the use of either the casualty’s own asthma bronchodilator medication blue reliever device and spacer, or the organisation’s asthma first aid equipment. The management of the situation would be carried out in accordance with relevant legislation and organisational policies/procedures.

Please contact reception for expressions of interest for this course.

*Course run in conjunction with HLTAID003