Release your inner creative self and try one of our life style and leisure courses.

Haute to Couture

Fashion knowledge, artistic sketching and pattern making will be explored. Materials to be supplied.
$180 per person
Begins Tuesday 18 July 9am-3.00pm

Smorgsaboard Art

Discover the enjoyment of painting with watercolours, oils, pastels and acrylics. All materials supplied.
$180 per person
Begins Wednesday 19 July 5-7.30pm

Oil Painting

Students will complete four oil paintings over the term using their choice of subject. All materials supplied.
$180 per person
Begins Thursday 20 July 12.30-3pm


A flower, animal, stilllife and portrait will be painted this term. All materials supplied.
$180 per person
Begins Friday 21 July 12.30-3.00pm

Woodwork Class

Learn basic router skills, nail gun skills, saw skills and more. Turn your projects into reality!
$120 per person
Begins Monday 17 July 6.30-9.00pm

Welding Class

Learn the basics of welding whilst making something simple for your home or garden.
$140 per person
Wednesday 19 July 6.30-9.00pm


Care for your mind and body and develop awareness of the body, gain understanding of a healthier lifestyle and strengthen and tone your body with relaxing exercise.
$76.50 per person, Seniors Discount $68.85
Tuesday 18 July 6.30-7.30pm